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NATURE PARADISE SPREEWALD - a voyage of discovery through a UNESCO biosphere reserve.
Visit a river landscape that is one of the most beautiful and at the same time unique nature reserves in Europe. Since 1991 the Spreewald is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Known worldwide for its cucumber cultivation and equally green, this unique nature-protected river and floodplain landscape is located in the south of Brandenburg. In addition to its scenic attractions, the Spreewald also has many cultural and cultural-historical features to discover.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Cottbus

In Cottbus, monuments worth seeing characterize the cityscape and tell about life with and within old walls. The largest city in Lusatia has nevertheless retained the charm of a small town and shines more friendly and beautiful than ever.
You will stay at the 4-star Radisson Blue Hotel in Cottbus.
Dinner together

2nd day Culinary city tour Cottbus incl. tasting

Cottbus awaits you with culinary delights. Discover the city on a guided tour of a special kind. Old traditions are as much at home in Cottbus as the modern present. The cultural offer is wide-ranging and if you are looking for nature, you don't have to travel far, because the charming Spreewald is just outside the city! Lunch is at leisure.

Day 3 Spreewald traditional

After breakfast, we will set off for the Spreewald with our tour guide.
Off to the natural paradise Spreewald! One of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe awaits you. In the homeland of the Sorbs the river Spree divides into hundreds of watercourses. Like a dense network, the rivers crisscross the land and meander through forests, meadows and idyllic settlements. As a biosphere reserve, the Spree Forest provides a perfect habitat for many animal and plant species. Of course, a boat trip through the world of rivers and canals is not to be missed - here you will be served a small snack consisting of stulle and Spreewald gherkin. In the lagoon village Lehde you will feel transported into the past. In the open-air museum you can marvel at old-world farms, historic traditional costumes, fragrant farm gardens and typical handicraft tools. Lübbenau is the secret capital of the Spreewald. In addition to the old town, there are many places to discover the town's most famous child, the sour gherkin.

Day 4 Lusatian Lakeland

After breakfast we will explore the Lusatian Lakeland with our tour guide. Where brown coal has been mined for about 150 years, a unique water landscape with more than 20 artificial lakes has been created today between Senftenberg and Boxberg. In addition to former and active open-cast mines, you will also see vast expanses of water, canals, locks and floating houses. The first highlight is a visit to the F60 visitor mine, a disused conveyor bridge, also known as the "Lusatian Eiffel Tower". Continue to Senftenberg Castle. This impressive castle and fortress complex was built in the 16th century to secure the Saxon border.

Day 5 Journey home

After breakfast we say goodbye to the natural paradise Spreewald and the return journey begins.

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Accommodation Double Room

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