Island hopping in Holland

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Day 1 Arrival in the province of Friesland 
Journey to DJ Hurdegaryp to Van der Valk Hotel Hardegarijp, Dinner together

Day 2 Island Terschelling
After breakfast we drive to the harbor to take the ferry to the island of Terschelling. The island is one of the larger and inhabited islands in the Dutch Wadden Sea. It is known for its amazingly varied nature. Its beautiful sandy beach is about 30 km long and exceptionally wide, up to 1 km. The landmark of the island is the 400 year old lighthouse De Bandaris, which greets visitors from afar. With about 80 km of cycle paths, Terschelling is an Eldorado for cyclists. Clearly more comfortable, however, is a leisurely covered wagon ride. The approximately 2.5-hour ride takes you over the beach and dunes, along the cranberry fields and through the Boschplaat nature reserve. During the ride the coachman will tell you about his beautiful island with its traditions and peculiarities. 
In the evening dinner at the hotel

Day 3 Island Schiermonnikoog with tour guide
After breakfast we drive to the harbor to take the ferry to the island of Schiermonnikoog. The island of Schiermonnikoog is the easternmost and second smallest of the Dutch Wadden Islands, but it is quite big in terms of its nature. The whole island is a national park. Here you will find the widest beach in Europe, which is also considered the cleanest in the Netherlands. And there is exactly one village, which has the status of a protected village. Its center is completely car-free, which contributes significantly to its idyllic character. In fact, only islanders are allowed to drive on Schiermonnikoog. Guests can explore the idyllic island on foot, by island bus or, with pleasure, by bike. In the evening dinner at the hotel

Day 4 Texel Island with tour guide 
After breakfast drive to the harbor to get to the island of Texel. The North Sea island Texel is the largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands. With its 30 kilometers of sandy beach, it is a paradise for beach vacationers. But Texel has more to offer: seven villages, one more beautiful than the other, and unique natural areas. The landmark is the bright red 150-year-old lighthouse in the north of the island. In the evening dinner at the hotel

Day 5 Journey home 
With many new impressions we start our journey home after breakfast.


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Accommodation Double Room

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