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Are there currently coach travels taking place?
Yes, as of 18.06.2021, coach travel is once again allowed.

When will travel be possible again?
Yes, as of 18.06.2021, coach travel is once again allowed.

We travel completely Germany, as well as the safe regions of our neighboring countries. Of course, this is subject to the proviso that we always have to react on a situation- and risk-based basis. So it can happen that, depending on the current situation, trips are always canceled or postponed if they are not feasible or the risk would be too great.

Of course, we, as well as our travel guests, must comply with all prescribed rules of conduct and hygiene. Health has top priority!

Is it possible to book trips at the moment?
You are welcome to book a trip of your choice from our offer.

According to the current status, by when will a trip be canceled or cancelled? 
Decisions are made as early as possible. In general, you can assume that booked trips will be canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to departure. The current situation and developments are taken into account in our decisions.

How will I be informed about cancelled trips?
In the event of a cancellation, all booked customers will be notified by phone or email. You do not need to do anything else, because we will contact you as a matter of course if there are any changes in connection with your booked trip. In addition, we inform our customers on our homepage.

Travel advice of the German Foreign Office
The travel advice of the German Foreign Office contains information on the special features of a country that are relevant for travelers, on entry regulations in foreign countries, on customs regulations and criminal law, and on medical advice.

Travel warnings of the Federal Foreign Office
Travel warnings are issued by the German Foreign Office when there is a "concrete threat to life and limb". However, these travel warnings can also refer only to individual regions - so-called partial travel warnings.

Is a travel warning a travel ban?
A travel warning is an urgent appeal by the Federal Foreign Office not to travel. However, a travel warning is not a travel ban but an appeal for vigilance. Tourists decide on their own responsibility whether to travel. In case of cancellation, the normal cancellation fees according to our general terms and conditions apply.

What is a risk area?
A risk area is a state or region outside the Federal Republic of Germany for which there is an increased risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at the time of entry into the Federal Republic of Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) continuously updates a list of risk areas.

Current risk areas according to the RKI:

Entry from a risk area
Since November 8, 2020, anyone entering Germany from an international risk area must register digitally before entering the country: The web application "Digital Entry Application" (DEA) goes live and replaces the paper exit card. It can be accessed by users of digital devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) worldwide from November 8, 2020 at the following website:
The substitute notification form is to be completed exclusively by persons who were not able to use the digital entry notification. The substitute notification form in paper form can be found here on the Federal Department of Health and Human Services site.

What happens if I am on vacation with LEHR'S-REISEN and a travel warning is issued for the area?
Basically, the current regulations for "entry into Germany" according to the Federal Ministry of Health apply to all travelers returning to Germany:

Hygiene concept
Please note and follow our individual hygiene concept, which should protect you and the other travel guests as far as possible at the time of your trip and let you experience moments together.

How often is the air exchanged in the coach?
In a direct comparison between coach, train and plane, the coach is by far the best. The air in the coach is exchanged 7 times faster than in the ICE and 4.5 times faster compared to the airplane. State-of-the-art draft-free air conditioning systems with high-performance active filter systems and direct fresh air supply, which exchanges all the air in the passenger compartment within 1 to 2 minutes.

How is the utilization of the buses regulated by law?
Of course, we comply with the legal regulations in force at the time of travel. Currently, all seats in the buses may be occupied. The exception is the first row behind the bus driver and tour guide, which remains free according to regulations.

Is there service on board?
The sale of food and beverages is not or only limited possible. Your coach driver or tour guide will inform you about this at the beginning of your trip.

Questions about travel insurance
Questions about travel insurance from ERGO Travel Insurance can be found at any time at:

Important to know: A travel warning alone is not a reason for cancellation. There must be an underlying insured event, such as a sudden serious illness, so that a trip can be cancelled.

Covid-19 supplementary insurance
Covid-19 includes the illness of Covid-19 as an event in the cancellation and interruption insurance if the insured or a person at risk is affected by it. A positive test result at the time of cancellation is sufficient proof of benefit. The Covid-19 supplementary insurance can be booked in combination with travel cancellation insurance or an all-round worry-free package from ERGO Travel Insurance.

Covid-19 supplementary insurance for tariffs with excess: 13,- EUR
Covid-19 supplementary insurance for tariffs without excess: 15,- EUR

How long are the travel vouchers valid?
LEHR'S-REISEN travel vouchers remain valid, and as before, have no expiration date.


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